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We Are Pampas

We are a simple company who loves to feel good, feel empowered and foremost clean.

Herbal Medicine

We believe that a fragrance is more than a smell. Fragrance is that scent that empowers us, brings memories and more.  Our soaps are made with fragrances that will make YOU feel empowered, sexy, relax, energized or whatever way you may choose to feel. 

We design our soaps thinking about something that some take for granted… and for others a SHOWER simply means everything. 

Just think of how many times after a hard day in your life, you just cannot wait for a shower to reinvigorate your mind. 

Our soaps not only can help you to change your mood, but also cleanse your skin, add moisture to it and leaves and exquisite fragrance. 

Our soaps are made for all of us who find a shower or a bath our moment of peace, an intimate moment, a place where we sometimes laugh, cry or just be us. 

We make our soaps by thinking of your skin first. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body which protects the most important part of YOU.  Remember that YOU must take care of YOU because you have yourself to take care of for the rest of your life. 


Embrace who you are and learn to love YOU.


Soaps · Body Butters · Sponges

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