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Our soaps are made with goat milk, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. We also use murumuru, cranberry, lavender or turmeric butter.
If you want something specific for your skin, you can ask us!

Bar Soaps

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fragrances list:

    For Men: 

    Milano: An amazing combination of cedar and leather.

    Bourbon with T: A combination of Bourbon, tobacco &   Cardamom.

    Scotch & Oud: A combination of whiskey & oud

    After shave: Clean after shave scent. 

    Hickory: Notes of leather, lavender, sandalwood with spiced musk. 


    For Women:

    CC & Leaf: coco butter with bay leaf. Sensual scent and one of our best sellers. 

    Oatmeal & Honey: Simple and clean scent

    Sea Breeze: All about the beach, bergamot, pineapple, coconut and notes of algae & musk.

    Bali day: Fresh scent with a flowery note. 


    Eucalyptus and Lavender


    Peach & Mango

    BB scent: A beautiful mix of berries, peony with some white woods, amber and a hint of lemon, jasmine and pineapple blossom. 

    Cotton candy: Pineapple blossom, jasmine, with notes of tangerine, daisy, ylang ylang.

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